No matter how hard we try there is always the risk that your dog could contract fleas. However if you arrive at the salon and your dog has fleas you will be turned away. If it is identified that your dog has fleas during the groom. Although they will be de-flead and treated accordingly with the correct shampoo you will be asked to remove the dog immediately after and you will be charged not only for the groom but also the cost of cancelling the next client(s) appointment as the salon would require a thorough deep-clean and sterilisation. Please ensure we never have to have this awkward situation and check your dogs thoroughly prior to attendance.


In order for us to keep you on our books we need at the very least 24 hours notification that you cannot make your appointment. If you fail to notify us before this point we will require HALF PRICE OF THE GROOM ‘failure to notify cancellation charge’ to be paid straight away by bank transfer or added to the cost of your next groom. As you can appreciate it can be very frustrating when we have clients waiting for appointment slots.


If you fail to turn up to your appointment with no notification or attempt to get in touch we will, unfortunately, have to remove you from our books. It’s not fair for us and it’s not fair for customers waiting for appointments. Please do not try to make it awkward and let us know in advance if you can’t keep your appointment.

Please do not feel offended but for any new clients we will request a £10 per dog deposit when booking your new baby / babies with us. This is to secure your initial booking. As you can appreciate it is the same scenario as a ‘no-show’.

Late Collection

Due to the scheduling of our appointment system and out of courtesy to other clients, should you collect your dog late (without prior notification / agreement of the groomer) a charge of £10 per 1/2 hour late will be added to the cost of your groom.

Now the awkward nitty-gritty stuff is out of the way, please feel free to contact us and look at the rest of our website.